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Urgent questions concerning pharmacovigilance out of working hours

Out of working hours you can reach us for urgent questions concerning pharmacovigilance. In this case please contact medac by phone +49-41038006-0.

You will be informed about the phone numbers to reach us. In case of acute symptoms please call an ambulance.

latest news:
January 19, 2015
Medac GmbH supports Guideline on Intravesical Instillations of BCG/MMC

September 12, 2014
New Multiplex Diagnostics for HPV-Genotyping and detection of Tick-borne bacteria
Chip) and a new test for the detection of Tick-borne bacteria (Tick-borne Bacteria Flow Chip).

February 26, 2014
Update of Safety Information for Capecitabine medac (capecitabine) concerning severe skin reactions



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